A bizarre combination of sensual writing & yogic calm

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It was Elly’s crude mind that got her onto the FLKLR team, she is a surfer and writer from the UK who is responsible for much of the perverted content on the FLKLR website (she named the ONO board after the One Night Only men her mother warned her about).

When she is not surfing or writing for FLKLR she teaches yoga which means she brings a bizarre combination of sexually explicit writing and yogic calm to the crew.


images by Lotta Waves
images by Lotta Waves


Name: Elly Whittaker

Date of Birth: November 3, 1988

Home Break: The mushy waves of West Wittering, UK (if you know where that is then you are probably one of my cousins)

FLKLR board of choice: The ONO because it looks like trouble and great fun, like all the best things

Instagram: @ellywhittaker


What’s your FLKLR?

I grew up around the sea but there was never any decent surf. One day when I was living in London I bunked off work and drove three and a half hours to find good waves on the West coast and afterwards drove three and a half hours back, all just for a few hours in the water, that was probably the day I decided to make surfing a bigger part of my life. Eventually I quit my job and now I live much closer to the waves. I guess my folklore is bloody-mindedness (and spending a lot of time eating sh*t in cold British beach breaks).

Whose style do you admire the most?

I stayed in Jeffrey’s Bay earlier this year and there were a lot of very cool women in the water there. One woman would take her young son surfing at one of the fastest breaks in JBay, she had such an elegant style and made it look so easy (and never got pissed when I accidentally dropped in on her).

What inspires you?

Knowing that one day I won’t be around to enjoy all this stuff.

No sun cream or no underwear?

No underwear. Have you seen what happens to Brits in the sun?!


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