We love our boards passionately... 

so here are a few instructions for a longer lasting ride.



Foreplay is hot.

If you have just received a custom FLKLR board, wait at least a week before riding it. Ughhh! We know, we know. It's gonna be hard to hold yourself back, but this will ensure the resin cools (after the heat of being forged in the fires of passion) and will guarantee you a strong, ridged board.

Wax On.

When you buy one of our boards, we give you two kinds of wax: a hard basecoat and a more malleable second coat. Make sure you apply the basecoat first, this will prevent the wax from rubbing off and keep your feet suckered to the board for longer.



Out of water, I am nothing.
— Duke Kahanamoku


Keep it Cool.

Now that your stick is ready to go, make sure you keep it in a nice cool place. AVOID direct sunlight as much as possible on dry land, after all, some boards (depending on the color) can heat up easier than others (the darker the color, the more heat it attracts).

Keeping you stick out of the sun will prevent it from getting weird bubbles. If you do spot any strange lumps, don’t worry, this isn’t your fault, it’s due to a chemical reaction when the resin heats up too much, that can happen to any board. If you have a dark board, we strongly suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight, which will also help the colors on your beautiful stick last longer.



Holey Moley.

If you get your board dinged while surfing, remain calm, it can be fixed. Best thing to do is get out of the water to avoid more water getting in the board. If you can, stand the board on an angle where the water can drain. Again, please don’t drain it under direct sunlight. If you’re lucky and happen to be some remote tropical paradise and can’t get to a repair shop, taping over the ding with duct tape is a great solution.

Wax will do if you don’t have tape. If you are in the Canggu area, bring the board to us and we’ll fix it for you. However, keep in mind that color matching is incredibly complex and will not be matched to perfection but we will do our best.


Wash it off.

Don’t forget to clean your stick from time to time, all that salt and direct sunlight will make the colors fade quicker. Let’s keep that beauty shiny and working at it’s best.



Finless wonder.

Please remember to remove the fins when travelling. If you have a board with glassed-on fins, or are planning on getting one, be aware that travelling with glassed-on fins requires even more care packing your board for a long journey. The best way to protect a glassed-on fin is to put a carton box around it, creating a rigid padding to prevent it from bending and flexing and to avoid lateral impact. Nobody wants a broken tail. Actually, make sure your whole board is protected from getting damaged in transit, pack and protect the nose, rails and tail. Many of us have left an airport in tears because of rough baggage handling, just ask Alex Gray or Natxo Gonzalez.

With love,