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Surfing has always been rooted in fish tales -stories of mysto waves in distant lands and questionable accounts of maneuvers landed. It's the his or her stories, the Folklore. They get bigger and better with each telling until they become your own target to bulls eye the next time you're out.

It's the Folklore that motivates us to create our own experiences that go beyond the time we spend in the water.
This is our belief and it's only fitting that we have a name that fits us.

Welcome to FLKLR SURF.




OUR surfboard PROCESS

All of our surfboards are 100% made to order.
Whether you choose a custom board, or one of our signature models, we take pride in using the best products in the market to insure you get the best quality board for your buck. (We don't wanna burn a whole through your pockets)

Our team has a combined experience of over 70 years surfing. We know what works and simply won't. We'd love to see you just as happy as the rest of the FLKLR family.

INSTAgram gallery

"We like the real you, more then the instagram you"


MADE with love

for your fancy style,

Let's take care of your fancy cravings - wether they are unique surfboard designs or a minimalist style approach, we got you covered.

Take a look at our newest summer collection.
With love.



Each issue revolves around a city’s not-yet-scene, and the art and unknowns it has to share. Folklore is an offering across international boundaries, in the way that every grandmother makes you eat when you visit. Folklore is an alternative lens for the creative ocean way-finder.

First issue Spring / Summer 2016


our new showroom

On November 14th 2016, we had an amazing opportunity to open doors to our new showroom located in Canggu, Bali. Our minimalist space, comes stocked with unique collaborations with our brands in Bali a small artist gallery and other upcoming events.

Welcome to Folklore




Bali | Canggu

JL Batu Bolong No 63
e-mail us
+ 62-82-39539528

Rainy Season Hours:

Monday - Saturday
11:30am - 6:00pm
Sundays - Closed