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ONO (One Night Only)
This is the guy your mum told you not to go home with. This beast is built for big heavy rides that your average single fin can’t handle. The ONO has stabilizers to help you glide through those powerful bottom turns but keep that single fin style. This heavyweight wants to take on big rides, show you the time of your life, make you want more...

Can you handle it?

5'10", 20 3/4", 2 1/2"
Round Pin Tail, Single Fin, with stabilizers

$710 + USD
Shipping available


For every surfboard we sell, we donate two 27-liter water
filters to villages in need in Bali, as well as
a lifetime supply of filter replacements.
— Folklore Surf

Let us model more for you...



5'2 + 

mar mar

9' +

good joo-joo

5'4 +

el capi

5'6 +


5'5 +

messy tessi

5'10 +


5'6 +


4'10 +



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