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Have a sweet tooth? A sugar surf high? Those high-fructose factory surfboards bringin’ you down?
How about a retro sugar surfboard, catered and customized to your tastes?
Go ahead — take a look and lick and have a bite.


For every surfboard we sell, we donate two 27-liter water
filters to villages in need in Bali, as well as
a lifetime supply of filter replacements.
— Folklore Surf



5'2 +


5'6 +


5'5 +



5'10 +

GOOD joo-joo

5'4 + 

messy tessi

5'10 +



5'6 +


4'10 +

Mar Mar

9' +




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All our surfboards are 100% made to order. Whether you choose a custom board, or one of our signature models, we take pride in using the best products in the market to insure you get the best quality board for your buck.

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience surfing. We know what works and what doesn’t. We'd love to see you just as happy as the rest of the FLKLR family.

(We don't wanna burn a hole through your pockets)



eye / candy

"We like the real you, more then the instagram you"




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