"I admire those who are true to themselves,
those who create with passion"

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We have a crush on beautiful crafted goods, which is why the people that make our stuff know about style. With that in mind, meet FLKLR glasser and New Jersey wave charger Sean Brewer


Sean “Live free, love hard” Brewer glasses his custom boards with as much passion as he once threw into partying hard, really hard. He is the latest addition to the FLKLR ambassador team and we are stoked to have him onboard, helping make our boards.

images by Lotta Waves
images by Lotta Waves


Name: Sean Brewer

Date of Birth: January 28, 1982

Home Break: Somewhere in Monmouth County, New Jersey

FLKLR board of choice: Keel Fish or Single Fin

Your Instagram: @sm_brewer

What’s your FLKLR?

Drove to Baja chasing a swell with friends, only to arrive to minimal weak surf and figured the report was off or we were late. We made the smart choice to get piss drunk on cheap tequila and Pacifico ‘till we all passed out in and under my van.


I came round early the next morning to the sound of thumping surf and a pounding headache, I peered through my dusty rear window to see corduroy lines out to the horizon. Surf was pumping, 6-8 foot and perfect. We stumbled around unable to find water or anything to drink so we pounded a beer or two (not recommended, children) and surfed our balls off for hours with no one in sight.


This was in my wasted youth, when the body could handle that — I don't touch the stuff anymore.


Whose style do you admire the most & inspires you?

Too many to name just one. I admire those who are true to themselves, those who create with passion, out of love, not driven by money or fame. People who even, long after their spirits have moved on, inspire others to look inside and find that creative action of the spirit that unlocks new possibilities, awakens lost dreams, and enriches the energy of life in countless beings for generations to come.

No sun cream or no underwear?

Always no underwear. Cancer sucks and so does politics. Live free, love hard.


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